Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bye Bye Father Gerson

 A goodbye to the man who helped start this blog just by allowing his insightful lessons to be recorded. He also spread the word of this blog to Australia. Goodbye Father and see you again. We love you.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Something Is Lacking Second Week of Advent

Second Sunday advent 

It was a memorable evening. First things first. The priority is the message of the Lord via the homily in the mass. 

       Rough Outline of the Homily

  •  The Lord is coming. To celebrate is very important .Take off your robe of mourning . Take off your robe of sadness. No sad faces . Light of his glory. His mercy and justice for company. The Lord is working.
  • The Lord has done great things. Be thankful . Going home to Christmas .
  • The coming of the Lord. Many external preparations . Must not forget to prepare our hearts . Christ is born in us . Prepare the way of the Lord. Fill the valleys and level the mountains. More at home with the Word of the Lord.
  • More hearts and more lives. The gospel gives me hope . Carry on. Form apostles in the world of Today .
  • The Word adds taste to our daily lives.
  • Story of Scottish Soup .
  • Bottom line presence of Christ , Word of God , something is lacking . Home in Him. 

 Audio for the homily from Dec 5 2015 is here: Dropbox  and OneDrive!42826&authkey=!ANnOhSNUFFEtMNw&ithint=file%2cmp3

 Mediafire for all the School of the Word audio is here:

All Verbum Dei Audio in Dropbox here.